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Civil Engineering

We offer a broad range of civil engineering services, a selection of which are listed below with brief descriptions of the services.

  • Infrastructure – this is a broad ranging subject in itself and involves roads, drainage, retaining structures, foundations including services and any structure that needs to be in place to enable a development to proceed. We can provide all necessary infrastructure designs.
  • Roads and drainage – we provide detailed design for roads and drainage, together with Section 38 (approval for adoptable roads), Section 104 (adoptable drainage) and Section 278 (alterations to existing highways) designs - read more
  • Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) – compliance is a requirement of the local authorities and Environmental Agency and involves limiting loading on existing sewers and treatment plants by dealing with storm water on site using soakaways and other methods of disposal. Where this is not possible to achieve, flow to public sewers or water courses can be attenuated using storm water storage facilities with controlled flow – read more
  • Culverts – these can be designed in reinforced concrete, pre-cast units, corrugated steel formed structures or plastic pipes surrounded in concrete. We can provide full details.
  • Tanks – this covers reservoirs, any underground or above ground storage tank or structure.
  • Bridges – we can provide design services for simple footbridges to bridges carrying vehicles.
  • Marine – we offer services including jetties, harbours, sea-walls, re-development schemes and any marine related structures.
  • Rivers – we offer a wide range of services relating to rivers including assessments, river bank protection, retaining structures, flood control and bridges.
  • Temporary works – we carry out temporary works designs for contractors for temporary support to structures involving pinning, shoring, support to excavations etc.