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Monitoring and Testing

We undertake monitoring of structures from simple monitoring of cracks for domestic properties (where subsidence is suspected) to complex monitoring of commercial structures. We have the equipment to accurately monitor cracks in all directions, which is essential to determine trends in movement over time.

Monitoring of domestic structures is normally undertaken over a period of at least one year so that all seasonal variations of ground movement are encountered. Using the data recorded during monitoring we can plot graphs to indicate exactly how the structure is behaving to determine whether movement is progressive or seasonal.

We undertake monitoring of structures for insurance claims.

The following are services which we offer relating to monitoring and testing. This subject encompasses a wide range of expertise.

  • Concrete inspection, testing and repair - read more
  • Crack surveys.
  • Crack monitoring – we have the facilities to monitor cracks very accurately and also can arrange for remote monitoring to be undertaken.
  • Soil investigationread more