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Insurance Claims

We act for loss adjusters and domestic clients, issuing reports and specifying remedial works for insurance claims. We commonly become involved with fire damaged properties, flood, boundary walls, retaining walls and subsidence claims. For domestic clients we undertake investigations and prepare reports for use in negotiating with insurance companies and loss adjusters. We undertake to examine insurance documents and previous reports, using our own consultants who are experts in the field of insurance.

We have extensive experience in dealing with subsidence claims where initially we prepare a detailed report on damage, often followed up by a desk study, study of geological maps and trial holes or a borehole soil investigation. Following this, the structure is either monitored to determine whether movement is progressive, or if it is already clear that underpinning is necessary we carry out detailed design and specification for remediation, such as underpinning works. We would normally prepare tender documents and supervise works on site, reporting to insurers and certifying works on completion.

The following are examples of specialised services we can undertake to support insurance claims. We can provide initial reports and manage the project through detailed design of remedial works to construction.

  • Crack assessments and monitoring - we have the facilities to monitor cracks very accurately and also can arrange for remote monitoring to be undertaken - read more
  • Trial hole investigations for subsidence claimsread more
  • Assessing damage to retaining walls - read more
  • Assessment of flood damage.
  • Assessment of storm damage.
  • Assessment of fire damage.