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Eagle Yard Development, Tudor Street, Exeter, Devon

We are currently involved in a complex development in Tudor Street, Exeter, involving demolition of existing industrial buildings and replacing them with high quality Post Graduate Student Accommodation.

We commissioned Lanes Group to carry out a drainage survey so that we can assess the strength of a culvert running beneath an Elizabethan building. The drainage team came up with a novel idea of mounting the drainage survey camera on a surfboard and floating it through the culvert, resulting in good quality footage of the structure.

The site is surrounded by adjoining structures and boundary walls necessitating complex Party Wall Agreements with the adjoining owners. We have had to provide details of temporary propping of walls and specialist foundation design to satisfy the requirements of the Party Wall Act.

The following is a link to our main web page for this project for further information.

This development has now been completed successfully to a very high quality and is looking good. The party wall challenges have all been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.